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Your first visit will include a comprehensive oral evaluation. This evaluation consists of a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, tongue, cheeks, and the entire mouth. By assessing and recording your current dental condition, we can identify if there are any immediate treatment recommendations. It also helps us develop a treatment plan that takes into account your oral health needs, your personal goals, and your budget. Plus, we can monitor your health over time and record any changes that may occur to address them in a timely manner. 

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What does our comprehensive oral evaluation include?

  • Assessment of medical and dental history. We will review your past and current health conditions that may affect your dental health, a review of medications and/or supplements that may affect your dental health, a blood pressure reading, antibacterial oral rinse, and a review of any personal dental concerns.
  • Assessment of dental/facial balance. You’ll receive a smile analysis to evaluate the positioning of your teeth relative to the features of your face. We’ll take digital photos to create a cosmetic analysis for use in future consultations.
  • Bite and joint function. An assessment of your bite, jaw support, and positioning, as well as an analysis of arch form and function, will be completed for you. We’ll also conduct a screening for TMJ and take note of any abnormal tooth wear.
  • Periodontal assessment. You’ll receive an oral cancer screening of all tissues, as well as full mouth radiographs to evaluate hard tissues (bone and teeth). We’ll utilize an intra-oral camera to examine your gums and supporting bone for signs of gingivitis, and document any tooth mobility, gum recession, or the presence of any plaque and calculus (tartar).
  • Decay. A thorough examination, including x-rays, will help to determine the presence of any decay, broken teeth, or any faulty restorations. If necessary, we’ll conduct a nutritional evaluation and make recommendations. 


Please let our team know ahead of time if you have a sensitive gag reflex so we can make special accommodations to ensure your comfort. Also, let us know if you have any reservations or fear associated with dental experiences. This will help us understand your concerns so we can appropriately address them and provide any comfort measures necessary. 


When do I get professional teeth cleaning?

Depending on the results of your comprehensive oral evaluation, a follow-up treatment plan, and/or professional dental cleaning will be scheduled. Your dental team will take you to the front office where you can discuss treatment plan options with the treatment coordinator and schedule your next visit. 

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