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Enjoy a modern dental experience at Ranieu Family Dental in Vancouver, WA.

Technology, advanced training, and compassionate service are our three pillars of excellent service. Our dentists’ purposefully select dental technology proven to deliver the best patient experience and results.  

Intra-oral Camera

You can see what your dentist sees with intra-oral cameras. Intra-oral imaging gives you a detailed view of your mouth and a better understanding of your dentists’ treatment recommendations. With a small handheld device, your dentist gently scans your mouth to produce a high definition image on a screen. This process is much more comfortable and reliable compared to traditional dental mirrors.

Did you know?
Your dental insurance is more likely to cover procedures if they’re provided visual proof of treatment needed.

Digital X-ray

With a digital x-ray, there is less exposure to radiation for our patients and an almost instantaneous picture for the dental team. You’ll appreciate a more comfortable visit with less waiting and quicker treatment.

Digital x-rays are safe and require up to 90% less radiation exposure than traditional x-rays. Patients spend less time waiting since the technology produces an instant image. Patient treatment outcomes are improved because of the high quality images we are able to obtain. Most patients receive x-rays once a year so your dentist can monitor your oral condition and catch any abnormalities early. Most often, digital x-rays are used to detect cavities early to prevent further decay.

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