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Ranieu’s Dental Savings Plan

Ranieu Dental sees the troubles our patients have with dental insurance or lack of it, and we want to provide a solution so you can get the care you need in a way that fits your family budget. Think of this as a dental savings plan. It’s not insurance, it’s better! You get the routine care you need and discounted rates on other services when you maintain your twice-yearly professional cleanings. 

What makes our Dental Savings Plan a better option than traditional dental insurance is because there are no deductibles, no yearly maximum benefits, no exclusions for cosmetic or elective care, no waiting periods, no spending limit and most important; your benefits are activated the same day of purchase!

Everyone deserves dental care, start sharing today and speak to a team member now about starting your Dental Saving Plan today!

What You Get

  • 1 annual exam
  • 1-full mouth x-rays
  • 1-emergency visit
  • 2-6 month cleanings

PLUS a special members-only discount on any needed treatment, including cosmetic services!

  •  15-20% off additional  dental work
  • $1000 off full treatment Invisalign
  • $325 Zoom Whitening Treatment


Even better, because our patient membership club is not insurance, there are:

  • No deductibles
  • No yearly maximum benefits
  • No exclusions for cosmetic or elective care
  • No waiting periods
  • No spending limit
  • And your benefits are activated the same day of purchase.

Fair and affordable pricing

  • $299 for a single plan
  • $575 for a two-person plan
  • $752 for a family of 3 
  • $917 for a family of 4 BEST VALUE

Pay upfront or over time and your entire family could be covered to get the care they need and discounts on treatments.