Vivera Retainers By Invisalign® 

2X as durable and 30% stronger than other retainers. Count on Vivera retainers to last – just like your smile.

Vivera® retainers make it easy to maintain your new smile 

Your Invisalign® treatment is complete and your new smile is radiant! Make sure to keep your smile looking its best by retaining the new alignment. With Vivera® retainers, it’s easier than ever to keep your new smile looking great. 

A commonly used method to prevent teeth from shifting back into misalignment is a lingual wire – a thin metal wire affixed to the back of your upper and lower teeth. But this design is difficult to clean and harder to maintain. That’s why Ranieu Family Dental uses Vivera retainers to keep your smile looking fresh. 

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The Advantages Of Vivera Retainers

  • Clear and virtually invisible.
  • Custom-made for you.
  • Made with the same state-of-the-art materials as your Invisalign clear aligners.
  • Stronger and more durable than other types of retainers, so each set lasts longer.
    Wear them while you sleep.
  • Removable
  • Easy to clean and maintain optimal oral health.
  • They come in sets of 4 so a replacement pair is always available.
  • Easy to reorder using our online ordering system.
  • Vivera is strong enough to realign minor movements (up to 0.25 millimeters per tooth) if you forget to wear it for a short time.
  • Easy to clean using Invisalign cleaning crystals.

Why Choose Vivera?

Vivera retainers are clear and removable, which makes them a preferred choice among patients. Other types of retainers like the Hawley or Fixed Retainer are either affixed to your teeth permanently, which can make it difficult to properly clean your teeth and can lead to decay, or are much more noticeable than Vivera retainers. Some options, like the Hawley, are made from hard plastic and wire, which makes them durable, but more noticeable and not as malleable as Vivera. That means it can be much more uncomfortable to realign your teeth if you forget to wear your retainer.

Plus, Vivera retainers come in sets of 4, whereas others don’t. If you misplace one set of Vivera retainers you’ll have 3 more as backups right away instead of having to wait weeks for a new retainer to be made. The Essex is another type of clear tray retainer but doesn’t provide the same state-of-the-art materials as Vivera and can wear out sooner, making it not as economical.

Other retainers may affect your speech or cause irritation to your lips or cheeks, whereas Vivera retainers are smooth and comfortable. Overall, the Vivera retainer is the preferred choice of patients and we recommend it for its superior quality, durability, and affordability for the product.

It’s easy to keep your smile!

Your dentist will use the iTero scanner to create a 3D image of your smile once your treatment is complete. Then, your custom retainer trays will be made for you. Once the trays are ready we’ll schedule an appointment to ensure the correct fit, answer any questions, and admire your new smile. Keeping your new smile is easy with Vivera retainers – ask your Ranieu Family Dental team about them today and order online through our online store.


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