This Is Your Year For A Bright, Healthy Smile!

With the new year approaching, many people have started to think about their resolutions. At Ranieu Dental we often see an increase in patient appointments after the new year since many people desire a healthier, straighter and whiter smile. If your resolution involves being healthier overall, investing in your dental health can have a positive impact on your total body health. Starting with a dental cleaning at your Vancouver, WA dentist is a great first step toward dental and total body health. 

Follow these strategies to keep your healthy resolutions and get the brighter, healthier smile you want. You don’t have to wait until the new year to start working on new healthy habits, you can start today! 

4 Things You Can Start Now To Improve Your Smile

Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

Be selective with your food and beverage choices. Munch on crunchy fruits and vegetables first before going for a sweet treat. (Although we don’t suggest skipping Grandma’s famous pie, just try to eat more crunchy plants.) A healthy diet is important for a number of reasons, but you may be surprised to find that crunchy fruits and vegetables have the added benefit of fighting tooth decay. When you chew on these fibrous snacks, they naturally scrub the surface of your dental enamel—like a toothbrush! While these foods are brushing your teeth, they’re also protecting your body by strengthening your immune system. Poor nutrition can affect the entire immune system, increasing the chances of developing gum disease and other oral maladies. Antioxidants and other nutrients found in fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts improve your body’s ability to fight harmful bacteria and reduce inflammation, which protects your teeth and gums. 

Quit Smoking or Using Other Tobacco Products

We know tobacco addiction is tough to overcome. We never judge our patient family, simply offer support in efforts to kick the habit for good. Here are some reasons you may not have thought about to help you stay motivated in your efforts. 

  • Tobacco can increase your risk for tooth discoloration, cavities, gum recession, gum disease, and throat, lung, and oral cancer. 
  • Smokers are about twice as likely to lose their teeth as non-smokers. Quitting now could prevent major restorative work like dental implants in the future. But if you do need dental implants, Ranieu Dental is highly skilled in this advanced restorative dental care. 

The good news is that the risk of tooth loss decreases after you quit smoking or using smokeless tobacco. It’s never too late to make a change!

Brush Twice a Day and Floss Once a Day

If you’re not already brushing twice daily and flossing once daily, you can start that today. Since you already have all the materials you need, it’s just a matter of remembering. We find it helpful to set reminders on your phone calendar while you’re forging the new habit. We know holiday travel can cramp your normal routines, but this is one we highly recommend you stick to. You can get small flossers or toothbrushes that fit in your purse or wallet so you always have a way to keep teeth clean. 

Brushing and flossing protect your teeth from decay and gum disease, which is caused by your teeth’s most persistent enemy, plaque – a sticky, colorless, invisible film of harmful bacteria that builds up on your teeth every day. 

Without proper brushing and flossing, you may develop gum disease over time. Because diseases of the mouth can affect the rest of your body in what’s called the oral-systemic link, it is especially important to maintain good oral health. 

Ranieu Dental Has What You Need For Your Smile Goals

Get It Now

Having a bright, white smile is one of the best ways to face the world with confidence. Zoom! Whitening offers immediate brightening effects with no downtown. You could give yourself the gift of a bright smile this holiday season and enjoy the rest of the year with a gleaming smile. 

2020 Smile Improvements

A straight smile has never been easier to enjoy. With Invisalign® clear aligners, you can straighten your teeth without braces. Invisalign is the leading clear aligner and uses advanced materials to customize your aligner trays at every stage of treatment. The removable trays are invisible and comfortable so they easily fit your lifestyle. 

Plan Your Smile Enhancements

Whatever your smile goals, we’re here to help you reach them. Traditional dental insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic dentistry, which is why we offer an in-house dental savings plan that covers maintenance care and includes big discounts on cosmetic and restorative dentistry. 

Our goal is to help you make a well-informed decision for your dental care. Our monthly blogs offer a wealth of information and we also send monthly e-newsletters with dental care tips and monthly specials. Be sure to sign up for our e-newsletters and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest specials that happen every month! 

What You Get:

  • 1 Annual dental exam
  • 1 full mouth x-rays
  • 1 emergency visit
  • 2 hygiene cleanings each year
  • 15-20% off additional dental work 
  • $1,000 off full treatment with Invisalign
  • $325 Zoom whitening treatment

PLUS a special members-only discount on any needed treatment, including cosmetic services!

Even better, because our patient membership club is not insurance, there are:

  • No deductibles
  • No yearly maximum benefits
  • No exclusions for cosmetic or elective care
  • No waiting periods
  • No spending limit
  • And your benefits are activated the same day of purchase.

Pay upfront or over time and your entire family could be covered to get the care they need and discounts on treatments.

Experience The Joy Of Smiling Freely

If your smile goals include cosmetic or restorative care, you’re in good company. Many of our patients want straighter, brighter smiles. Here are our recommendations to get the smile of your dreams. 

3 Steps To Ensure A Healthy Year Ahead

Schedule Routine Dental Cleanings

By seeing your dentist at least twice a year, you can help prevent any dental health problems before they cause discomfort or require more comprehensive or expensive treatment. Regular visits allow your dentist to monitor your oral health and recommend a dental health regimen to address areas of concern. Preventive care is one way to get the most out of your dental benefits or our in-house dental savings plan. It’s also a great way to ensure dental health, which is necessary before getting cosmetic treatments. For this new year, resolve to treat your mouth right: improve your diet, quit smoking and improve your oral hygiene habits – your teeth and your body will thank you for it!

Schedule Your Cosmetic Dentistry Consultations 

Once your smile is in good health, you can seek the cosmetic dentistry enhancements you desire. At Ranieu Dental, we find that many patients seek whitening or teeth straightening treatments after the new year. Maybe you chipped a tooth years ago and haven’t fixed it yet, or have always wanted to correct misaligned teeth. Customized whitening treatments and Invisalign® clear aligners can make these dreams a reality. Cosmetic dentistry has positive effects on your confidence which has positive ripple effects throughout your life. Whatever it is that you’ve been thinking about and putting off, now is the time to do it! We’d love the opportunity to discuss your smile concerns and goals so we can offer a solution. Schedule your consultation for 2019 or early 2020 and you can begin the new year feeling great. 

Start Living Pain-Free and Improve Your Quality Of Life

Imagine the freedom of biting into an apple, living pain-free and not having to worry about dentures. If you’re missing one or more teeth, dental implants can be your permanent smile solution. Dentures that shift and move can be especially problematic during the holidays because eating and drinking can be difficult. But with dental implants, they function like natural teeth, making life much easier.  

Tooth loss can occur for many reasons. Maybe you have an old sports injury that never got fully repaired, or years of wear and tear have left you with missing teeth. Whatever the circumstance, you don’t have to live in pain any longer. The dentists at Ranieu Dental are skilled in dental implant placement so you can get the care you deserve from the same familiar team you know and trust. 

When you’re in pain or feel self-conscious, your quality of life suffers. Sleepless nights, endless pain medications, inability to eat the foods you like or be fully present with the people you love are all things that can be relieved with dental implants. This year, resolve to give yourself the gift of a better quality of life. We love our dental family and want everyone to live the happiest, best life. Let us help you find relief! 

Schedule a consultation with your dentist in Vancouver to learn more about dental implants and chart your path toward total dental wellness.

Here’s To A Bright 2020! 

Good oral health is the foundation for total body wellness and confidence. Whatever your goals in 2020-landing a new job, getting involved in the community, or even simply feeling better and living pain-free, Ranieu Dental can help you achieve these. Imagine the possibilities that are available to you. Now that’s something to smile about! 

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